What the new Directory for Catechesis says about our ministry as liturgical minsters

The new Directory for Catechesis says some things that should interest liturgists and liturgy planners. For example, it says that all catechesis should be “inspired by the catechumenal model” (2). However, that does not mean that catechesis is supposed to … Read More

Mercy is the face of Christ

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Second Sunday of Easter It’s true that “seeing is believing.” But it depends on what you’re looking for. Before he would believe, Thomas needed to see concrete evidence of what the other disciples attested, “We have seen the Lord.” Seeing … Read More

Embodied Mercy

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Body and Blood of Christ In the Gospels, we often see Jesus put word and action together, where his action embodies his words. We see this most clearly in the Johannine Gospels whenever he said, “I am,” such as when … Read More