Embodied Mercy

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Body and Blood of Christ In the Gospels, we often see Jesus put word and action together, where his action embodies his words. We see this most clearly in the Johannine Gospels whenever he said, “I am,” such as when … Read More

True Hospitality

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The 15th Sunday of Ordinary Time In one of the Facebook groups I participate in, a friend posed the question, “How do I get my parishioners to be more hospitable?” People offered suggestions like scheduling hospitality teams, training ushers, asking … Read More

How the Mass moves us

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Sarah, a lifelong Catholic, was feeling a little awkward and confused. She had invited her friend, Julie, to go to Mass with her. Now they were having coffee after the liturgy, and Julie had asked why Catholics did all that … Read More

Reading the GIRM

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In my first year of college, just 15 years after the close of Vatican II, I volunteered to be a communion minister at our campus ministry center. I had served as a communion minister in high school, but only at … Read More

The cost of obedience

As liturgists, we can sometimes fall into the sin of rubricism disguised as reverence. However, we cannot follow the Gospel by becoming legalists, nitpicking the rules and measuring piety by the number of rubrics followed. Rather, we only truly obey … Read More

Reaping what we sow

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Readings for the 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A You reap what you sow. We see that clearly in the Gospel today. The violence and greed of the tenants blinded them to the foolishness of their plan. How could … Read More

WWJD on the www?

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Readings for the 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A As immediate, remote, and anonymous communication has become so easy to do in our culture, something has shifted in us for the worse. Just read the comments on many Catholic … Read More