Even now

Even now

Ash Wednesday – B

“Even now, says the Lord. . . .” After the year we’ve been through since last Ash Wednesday, those are words I need to hear. Even now, when you’ve been so beaten down by virus and violence that you live in constant fear, return to me.

Even now, after witnessing the same systemic patterns of injustice and racism repeat over and over again, come back to me. Even now, when you have been spent, come home. To the festering wounds in our society and in our church revealed by the pandemic—racism, systemic inequalities, selfishness—God says even now, there is hope.

Even now, there is still time to let the grace of Lent heal us all. Click To Tweet

As we entered the “lentiest Lent ever” in 2020 and moved into an uncertain Easter, we all seemed to agree that we should never again take our liturgies and sacraments, our faith communities and communal practices for granted ever again.

Therefore, as we sound the trumpet on the holy mountain of God at the beginning of this Lent, let us hear God’s plea. Let us no longer take for granted the warning cry to repent and turn away from sin. Let us embrace with humility our need for one another since each of us will return to dust. Even now, there is still time to let the grace of Lent heal us all.


This post was first published in “GIA Quarterly: A Liturgical Music Journal.”
Image credit: Photo by Ahna Ziegler on Unsplash.

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