The privilege of opportunity

The privilege of opportunity

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Readings for the 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A

In today’s Gospel, one aspect of the landowner’s generosity is often overlooked. Not only did he give all the workers a just wage; he also gave everyone, even those who couldn’t imagine anyone wanting them at that late hour, an opportunity to work.

Lately, the issue of privilege has been in the forefront of social discussions, especially the privileges we’re not even conscious of having. Most church ministers don’t have the privilege of giving away more money, but we do have the privilege of giving more opportunities to those who have never been given a chance and those who think they don’t deserve one.

Who within your circle of influence can you give the opportunity to try something they’ve been afraid to try? Maybe it’s the young singer who doesn’t think they could be a good enough cantor. Perhaps it’s the elderly parishioner who feels they’re no longer useful since their body has been slowing down. And what of that budding composer who is too afraid to even consider submitting her music to a publisher?

Giving people opportunities is more than just being equitable. It is a life issue because it tells them they are seen, valued, and needed in the Body of Christ.


This post was first published on the planner page for the 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A, in “GIA Quarterly: A Liturgical Music Journal,” Vol 28, No 3.

Image credit: Tim Mossholder, unsplash, CC0.

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