Bulletin Shorts for the Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Bulletin Shorts for the Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time – 01 August 2021 

Exodus 16:2-4, 12-15.  Psalm 78:3-4, 23-24, 25, 54.  Ephesians 4:17, 20-24.  John 6:24-35.  

More Than Manna, More Than Bread and Fish.  During the Exodus, the Lord rained down bread (manna) each day to feed those in flight.  Last Sunday, after being filled with bread and fish, the crowd pursued Jesus for more food.  Rightly exasperated, Jesus patiently shifts the conversation from bread from heaven to true bread.  He ends by saying:  “I Am the bread of life.”  What looks like bread is more than bread.  More than we can imagine!  

  • What do I believe Communion to be?  
  • Why do I believe this?  

Why do I come in procession each Sunday to eat this bread, this Communion, this Christ? 

This post was first published on the worship pages of the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois website.
Sunday Prayer Shaping Life and Belief
Written by Eliot Kapitan.
Permission is given to use, reprint, and distribute these bulletin shorts in any way you find helpful for your community.
Image credit: Photo by Dakota Roos on Unsplash.

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