A Blessing for Friends

A Blessing for Friends

Friendship is such a precious gift. When one finds a good friend, we find a pathway to God. I had written this blessing as a birthday gift for a good friend a while back. May it be a gift for you and your friends.

You promised never to leave us, gracious God.
So you made us no longer strangers
who merely put on our best faces
to please others and protect ourselves.

Instead, you made us your friends in Christ,
faithful companions with broken hearts and imperfect lives
offered freely that we may be bound together in love.

Bless then our friendship and keep it strong.
Let not the miles or the days separate us
but let us keep one another in mind and in heart
as we go about our own daily lives.

When one of us rejoices, let us all be glad together
that we may magnify your glory.
When one of us weeps, may we feel their sorrow and share their pain
that their burden may be lightened by your compassion.

In your mercy, Lord, forgive our faults when we let each other down.
Moment by moment, make us truer friends
that we may help one another grow into the persons you desire us to be
and together savor the beauty of this world you have made.

United by your Spirit, teach us to walk ever-lightly this sacred path together—
toward greater holiness, filled with abundant grace,
and sent to be a sign of your faithfulness
and a source of joy for your people.

We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

By Diana Macalintal, Copyright © 2017.
image: Helen Lopes, unsplash

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