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Lent – Liturgy.life

Embraced by God’s Mercy

Fourth Sunday of Lent We come to the midway point of Lent on this Laetare (“rejoice”) Sunday. And what rejoicing do we have today in our readings! Having squandered all he had, the prodigal son finds a banquet prepared for … Read More

Letting darkness reveal new truths

Second Sunday of Lent In today’s readings, God’s presence is revealed within darkness. Only when night fell did the Lord appear to a terrified Abram to make the covenant with him and his descendants. From the very cloud that had … Read More

Renewed promises, renewed strength

First Sunday of Lent The Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy describes Lent’s twofold nature: “[B]y recalling or preparing for baptism and by penance, it disposes the faithful, who more diligently hear the word of God and devote themselves to prayer, … Read More

The Time is Now

Ash Wednesday In his last public address before dying from cancer in 1996, Joseph Cardinal Bernadin urged his flock in the Archdiocese of Chicago to live in unity with Christ and with one another, saying, “A dying person does not … Read More