Bulletin Shorts for the Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time – 09 October 2022

2 Kings 5:14-17.  Psalm 98:1, 2-3, 3-4.  2 Timothy 2:8-13.  Luke 17:11-19.

How Does Faith Save?  In the first reading today, Naaman, the foreigner, wants two loads of earth for his home so that he can always stand on God’s holy ground and give thanks.  In the gospel, the ten cry out:  Kyrie, eleison – Lord, have mercy.  Of the ten, only one, the foreigner, returns to Jesus to give thanks.  God responds to cries for help.  Those who are cured, as all who are helped, respond.

  • What help, what mercy do I seek from the Lord?
  • How will I be grateful? What will I do or say?
  • Because help, because mercy is given to me, what mercy work will I do for another this week?

Use this prayer card to be ever mindful of the Works of Mercy.

Prayer Card - The Works of Mercy

This post was first published on the worship pages of the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois website.
Sunday Prayer Shaping Life and Belief
Written by Eliot Kapitan.
Permission is given to use, reprint, and distribute these bulletin shorts in any way you find helpful for your community.
Image credit: Photo by Dakota Roos on Unsplash.

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