Becoming Leaders of Sung Prayer

Plenary Workshop: Diana Macalintal and Tony Alonso
1 October 2019

When psalmists and cantors lead an assembly in song, we do more than just sing. We lead people in prayer. This requires us not only to hone our musical skills but also to foster a life of deep prayer, faith, and, most of all, love for God’s Word and the people who proclaim that word by their lives. In this plenary workshop, we will highlight spiritual and musical habits that will help us become true leaders of sung prayer for the church.

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Liturgical Flow: Understanding the Key to Excellent Liturgy

Workshop by Diana Macalintal
1 and 3 October 2019

If your Sunday liturgy is good, but you want it to be great, you may need better liturgical and musical flow. It’s a concept difficult to define yet simple to implement once you know what to look for. Learn how to spot the obstacles and unblock your way to excellent liturgy that fully engages the assembly in word, music, and action.

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Liturgical Participation: How We Learn the True Christian Spirit

Plenary Keynote by Diana Macalintal
2 October 2019

We all know that liturgical participation is important. But it takes more than just showing up and doing a liturgical ministry to genuinely embody the true Christian spirit. It takes openness, discernment, and conversion. To put it bluntly, we need to ask ourselves what good is it if the bread and wine change, but we don’t? Together we will explore three levels of liturgical participation for music ministers that will help them enter more deeply into the life-changing encounter with Christ who invites us at every liturgy to be formed by the Spirit to give glory to the Father by our lives.

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Singing the Liturgy: What We Sing and Why We Sing It

Workshop by Diana Macalintal
3 October 2019
(originally scheduled to be presented by Rev. Dr. Elio Capra, SDB)

This workshop will explore the role of music in the Eucharist for both parishes and schools. It will challenge the participants to re-visit the old four-hymns-syndrome. It will explore the catechesis necessary for this change of paradigm: The importance and centrality of music in the eucharistic liturgy. What to sing and what not to sing? Why we sing what we sing in the liturgy of the Eucharist?

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